Taken at Age 21, Colorado's Oldest Holocaust Survivor Celebrates His 101st birthday 80 Years Later

September 15, 2021

Holocaust survivor, Joe Rubinstein, celebrates his 101st birthday a few days early with wine and a cupcake. Photo taken September 13, 2021 in Fort Collins, Colorado (Joe's 101st birthday is September 16, 2021)

Front cover of the award-winning, bestselling book: Auschwitz #34207 The Joe Rubinstein Story

Joe Rubinstein holding a copy of the book about his life: Auschwitz #34207 The Joe Rubinstein Story (photo by Crystal Merrill 2019)

Against all odds, Joe Rubinstein not only survived Auschwitz and several notorious concentration camps, but now will celebrate his 101st birthday on 9/16/2021

Although he lost nearly everything a person can lose, Joe has gone on to live an extraordinary and joy-filled life. Barefooted when he was seized, Joe became one of New York’s leading shoe designers.”
— Author Nancy Sprowell Geise
CASTLE ROCK, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, September 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- On April 30, 1942, 21- year-old Icek Rubinsztejn (Joe Rubinstein) arrived at the Auschwitz/Birkenau concentration camp after being taken from the Radom, Poland ghetto on a frigid, predawn morning. Wearing only shorts and a t-shirt, Joe was forced onto an open-air truck. With no protection from the cold, he huddled with strangers. Hours later, several others around him were dead from exposure. From there, things got worse for young Joe.

Joe would never again see anyone he knew or loved, including his entire family. His widowed mother, his younger sister, and his three brothers (his identical twin among them) were murdered at the Treblinka Death Camp, along with over 30,000 people from the Radom ghettos.

Until Rubinstein shared his story with author Nancy Sprowell Geise for the book about his life: Auschwitz #34207 - The Joe Rubinstein Story, Joe had not told anyone of his harrowing experiences of nearly five years of imprisonment.

“Although he lost nearly everything a person can lose,” Geise said, “Joe has gone on to live an extraordinary and joy-filled life. Barefooted when he was seized, Joe became one of New York’s leading shoe designers. His life of never giving in to despair is an example for us all.”

Geise said, "For decades, Joe never told anyone his story because he did not believe anything good could come from doing so. Now, we hear from people around the world writing to tell us about the impact his story of hope is having on their lives."

Geise has been asked to share Joe's story around the world, including in Washington, DC, at the United States Library of Congress and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum; in Joe's hometown of Radom, Poland, as part of the 75th commemoration of the liquidation of the Radom, Poland ghettos; and at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum in Oświęcim, Poland, as part of their yearly staff/volunteer training.

Last year, the City of Fort Collins, Colorado, where Joe now lives, declared his 100th birthday: Joe Rubinstein Day. It is believed that Joe is the oldest Holocaust survivor alive today in the state of Colorado.

For more information about Holocaust survivor Joe Rubinstein's remarkable life, see: http://www.nancygeise.com 

Auschwitz #34207 The Joe Rubinstein Story is available at the on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00VRZ40B2
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Holocaust survivor, Joe Rubinstein, speaks about his philosophy of life while enjoying his early birthday celebration (video taken 9/13/21 in Fort Collins, CO)