Venustas Unveils Its Upgraded 7.4V Battery Pack

September 15, 2021

Venustas Newly Upgraded 7.4V Battery Pack

Venustas Battery Pack 7.4V

Vensutas Heated Jacket

Venustas, the fast-growing heated apparel brand, unveils its newly upgraded battery pack this September. Smaller size without compromising to the heating much.

SHENZHEN, CHINA, September 15, 2021 / -- Venustas,the fast-growing heated apparel brand, unveils its newly upgraded battery pack this September. By upgrading it battery pack. Venustas heated apparel will reach another level. This way, the heating is not much affected while greatly reduce the battery pack size.

What are Venustas Heated Apperal?

Venustas heated apparel are fancy and fashionable winter clothes that have heating inserts. While they look and feel like common high-quality jackets, with modern designs and premium and soft fabric, they hide carbon fiber heating elements that run through different sections of the jacket (chest, back, and even collar). This is how Venustas jackets can provide heat like no other jacket on the market.

Of course, in order to function, a Venustas heated jacket needs a battery pack (yes, customers need to charge the jacket just like charging the smartphone!). The power of the battery pack determines how long the fibers can provide heat and how much warmth they can provide. This is why it’s exciting to find out that Venustas has upgraded the battery pack 7.4 V.

Why is the battery pack so important?

The power and quality of the battery pack on a battery-powered heated jacket are essential. Think of a smartphone: the battery and its power are some of the primary elements people use to evaluate the quality of a device. How much does it last? How long does it take to charge? And when the battery starts becoming too old to allow decent performance you know that is time to buy a new phone.

The same stands for any portable device that requires energy: the quality of the battery is essential to determine the overall quality of the device.

When it comes to heated apparel, the battery determines how long the piece of cloth can provide warmth. But it also determines how long it takes to get heated, and how much warmth it is capable of providing.

Venustas’ battery pack upgrade brings its jackets to another level: they can be heated faster, they can be warmer, and - above all - they can achieve a smaller size without compromising the heating hours too much.

Venustas’ new battery pack: 7.4 Volt

Venustas’ upgrade doesn’t aim at providing the jackets with a more powerful battery, but at optimizing the overall battery back, so that the charging can be quicker and the weight lower.

Simply adding more power to the battery pack would have been easier but it wouldn’t lead to an actual improvement of the jacket’s performance. Batteries are heavy: when people mount a more powerful battery inside whatever device, it will add weight to the device.

Since jackets are talked here and particularly winter jackets, the last thing customers would want is to have even more weight on themselves. So, how did Venustas upgrade the Venustas’ jackets battery pack?

The batteries mounted on the older jackets were 7.4V 6000mA: they could provide warmth for a long time, but they were very bulky and therefore heavy. It was the customers’ main complaint.

The new battery is a 7.4 V 5000 mA one with an upgraded charging core. As customer may notice, the capacity could seem smaller, but its optimization ensures that the warmth and length of the heating are not affected too much, while the weight and bulkiness are greatly reduced.

Furthermore, Venustas jackets are now provided with LEDs that show the remaining battery life. The improved charging core makes the charging faster so that jacket can always be ready to use.

Thanks to such improvements, Venustas jackets are now more lightweight, and more comfortable. In winter, people are always wearing different layers of clothes: with Venustas jackets, people can finally renounce at least one of those layers. They can lighten the amount of weight people have on them even thanks to this recent battery upgrading.


Venustas heated apparel is an innovation. However, they didn’t want to stop with the results they had already reached and provided an improved version of their jackets. Listening to their customers’ opinions, Venustas company realized that - the only way to improve their apparel was to reduce the weight of their piece of clothes. But reducing the weight of devices that feature a battery is never easy.

While most of the competitors would have simply reduced the capacity of the battery, Venustas wanted to find a solution to provide the same heating power with a lower weight. The optimization they made of their battery pack, as we’ve just discussed, ensured that they reached their goal.

Now, thanks to Venustas, people can wear a battery-powered heated jacket that weighs just like a normal one. Its heating fibers are like a secret: nobody can notice… not even the user until he turns the heating on!

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